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October 5 years ago I sold my very first Traveler’s Notebook and the shop, as you can see it today, is the result of this one sale via Facebook in 2013.
Traveler’s Notebooks weren’t that known back then and there certainly weren’t many options for people to purchase custom made to order notebooks in those days.

I’ve made it my business to make high quality custom made notebooks right from the start. By offering a multitude of colors, styles and sizes. By letting you design your notebook to your wishes.

This has presented us with quite a few difficulties over the years. If only the seeming impossibility of listing all those different variants, while still keeping it clear for those browsing the site.
For instance the Original leather TN collection alone has 28.000 possible different variants, without even adding any add-on’s…That’s quite something!

This huge variation, together with using traditional Leather working techniques to create your notebooks, sets us apart from the masses. Our motto, “Against the grain”, does represent that. We will continue to be the odd one out and keep exploring the possibilities of working with leather in the years to come.

To celebrate this happy occasion with you, we made a coupon available for 20% off your entire purchase, for the whole month of October. Continue reading

Back from our holiday

With new colors and a 40% off clearance sale in the Ready to ship section.

We had a great summer holiday and are energized and excited to be back at work, making your leather notebooks for you. We already did a few Fandom sales these past two weeks and will continue to make a few spots available for these fun notebooks each week.

The new colors for the Morgana Fall collection have been selected and will be added to the shop soon. Continue reading

newsletter header

We’ll be closed for the Summer holiday from 1 August to 19 August.

  • Orders for made to order leather notebooks placed after July 24 may experience some delay in the making due to this.
  • All orders for other items placed after July 29, like inserts, will also experience a delay.

These will all be made first thing when we get back from holiday.
Thank you for understanding.

Emails send to us during this time frame will be answered right after we get back..


Don’t want to wait?

Why not check out our Ready to ship section. It has been empty for the most part these past months, but after the Passion for Planners event, we restocked it with lots of pretty notebooks.

To make it even more fun, we made a coupon code for the Ready to Ship section, it is good for 25% off you RTS notebook.  Continue reading

It’s June again.

First of all, I wanted to say thank you for opting in for the newsletter from lady falcon Travelers. We really appreciate that!

Secondly… my birthday is coming up again. The year is going so terribly fast, but even while we are busy getting ready for the Passion for Planners Con, we still want to take a moment to celebrate … and what better way to do this than by offering a discount for all our lovely customers.

Use the code HAPPY53 to get a discount of 15% off your entire order till the end of June 18 (CET).
Or click on this link to have the code filled in your cart directly.

One use per customer only!

What’s new…

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I made a video with my current Traveler Notebook setup, setup with my daily planners for both work and personal.

My A5, B6 slim, B6 and A6 Lady Falcon Travelers belong to my every day carry.


I spend way too much time to make an intro sequence, but had fun playing with Premiere Pro. Here’s the video….

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newsletter header-new logo

We are very excited to share the new logo for our Lady Falcon Travelers.
Starting from now, all new notebooks and wallets will have the new logo on it.


To celebrate this fact, all orders for Traveler’s Notebooks or Hobo Notebook,from now till the end of March, will receive a complementary key-fob with the new logo on it. Continue reading

Together with my weekly diary I also keep a daily journal in my B6 slim Lady Falcon Traveler.  I strive to journal every day, because I do find it helpful to get my thoughts straight. Especially after my Burn-out I found this very useful and I’ve been keeping it up fairly good.


I find that when I decorate the pages it’s easier to write. It’s like a little jump start for the actual writing. Continue reading