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Lady Falcon Travelers are different from most other Traveler’s Notebooks in that they are available in a huge assortment of colors and styles. Use only the best materials available. Are completely handmade and can be customized to your hearts content. This makes running the shop difficult at times, but we feel privileged to be making your designs and your dreams come to life.

Lady Falcon Traveler’s Notebooks and stationery supplies is the subtitle of the shop and the name of the Facebook group where we share fun contests, photo’s, coupon codes and updates about the products we offer via the shop.


Morgan Le Fae’s Trinkets was born as a small bookmaking and trinkets shop in 2012. A creative outlet for an overworked IT engineer with a love for pen, paper, paint and an overwhelming need to build and create stuff.

Hello, my name is Monique and I’m this IT engineer gone AWOL to create and design awesome stuff. First just for friends and family, but later, after showing some of the Traveler’s Notebooks I made, I was asked if I would make Traveler’s Notebooks for other people as well. This seemed like fun to me, so I did and I’ve been making Traveler’s Notebooks and accessories ever since.

The shop name, “Morgan Le Fae’s Trinkets”, is derived from my daughters middle name, Morgan, as in Morgan Le Fae, from the legends of king Arthur. She helps me with making the inserts from time to time, but since she is in University, study comes first.

I first started out with making Traveler’s Notebooks on request via Facebook, but that soon became too much to track. By the end of 2013 I turned to DaWanda for selling my Traveler’s Notebooks, as I thought it would be a more European oriented market. However my Traveler’s Notebooks do their name credit by traveling all over the world. Since the main platform for worldwide selling of handmade goods is Etsy, I made the step to Etsy by halfway 2014.

The Etsy shop has grown and become more professional since I started it halfway 2014. To professionalize it even further, I designed a logo for it. I used a little pen nib as a starting point. With the items in the shop being planner and journal oriented, I felt that was appropriate. The little pen nib in the logo is derived from a vintage Lady Falcon. A pen nib I use often for writing in my art journals. I developed the logo further by taking the starting letters of the shop name, MLFT and worked from there… Now the fun thing is, that the Lady Falcon, the little pen-nib can also be read with these letters, especially with the M in the logo (from Morgan, my daughter’s name) encapsulating the other letters, LFT. Hence the Lady Falcon TN. It feels like it all comes together like this.

Halfway 2015 I quit my IT job to devote my time entirely to making Falcon Travelers. To take the brand and the shop a step further I set up my own shop website in the beginning of 2016, taking it all, except the printables, slowly away from Etsy. The shop is up and running and fully stocked, but will remain a work in progress for the rest of 2016 and after that.

I feel the shop is a living growing thing and will change over time. 


With developing the shop further we intend to design and make Traveler’s Notebooks and related articles as ready to ship, next to the “made to order” Traveler’s Notebooks. We will also continue the line of inserts, the Falcon Files, specifically geared towards Traveler’s Notebooks.

And yes I say we, because as we keep growing, new members of staff will be added to keep up with making your Falcon Travelers.

First in line of course my husband Martijn, who is already helping making your Falcon Travelers. Later we hope to grow even further.

For now Etsy and the web-shop will coexist peacefully, and we will slowly take all products from the Etsy shop and list them in the web-shop.

Someone asked me once what I felt was the most difficult thing about this job and to be honest, I feel, the most difficult thing about it, is making something I’m proud of and then letting it go, out into the world… I have gotten better at this, as more and more Traveler’s Notebooks hit the road.

I would like to add, that the best thing for me about this job is the response I get from customers. There is nothing better than a lovely review or a little message in my inbox with a few happy lines from somebody who received their notebook. This is what keeps me going!

xoxo Monique

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