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Another little booklet…

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Just a quick update. I have been making little booklets lately. I love how they look and feel, and I love making them. They are lovely relaxing litle projects and a great outlet for my creative energy. I may even start selling them on DaWanda, when I get this whole selling thing figured out.But for now I’m making just some pieces for myself and my friends and family =) Here’s my latest booklet, with a bookmarker. Made as a gift for a friend. 


Just a few pictures of the little booklet.

I think it’s the nicest one so far. I learn something new every day. Hope you like it as well =)
Thank you for watching and have a lovely day.

 ps: This post was imported from my lifejournal blog about victorian costumes and corsets, as are the pictures.

Author: Monique

IT engineer, Artisan, Artist and Designer. Mother of 2 kids and 4 cats.

One thought on “Another little booklet…

  1. What a lovely little book.


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