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29 Faces check-in #4


Another quick post with face 4 for the 29 Faces in 30 days challenge.

I sketched her with aquarel pencils on a collaged and gessoed background in my art journal. The background is mostly an article from a newspaper, about stress and what it does to you.

I tried to capture my feelings about going back to work.

Both in her face and by emphazising parts of the article.

Telling myself to just take a deep breath… and jump.

I rather like how she turned out and I definitely like using the inda ink to add details and write with. Still getting the feel though for the aquarel pencils and what you can do with them.

So that’s #4 done, just 25 left to go =). I wish you all a wonderful evening.

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Author: Monique

IT engineer, Artisan, Artist and Designer. Mother of 2 kids and 4 cats.

21 thoughts on “29 Faces check-in #4

  1. She is wonderful. I particularly like her eyes, which are really expressive. Good luck with the return to work. I tutor at home (literature) now, but I still remember the apprehension I always felt on returning to work! Julie Ann xx


  2. oh i like her a lot! especially the serious look in her eyes!


  3. I love her.. she looks like she would let her imagination set free!
    wnderful layering work monique!


  4. Beautiful how the collages background shines through. Love the different coloured squares.


  5. she's really lovely. I love how brought her out from that wonderful background collage!


  6. this is such a cool piece….love the transparency of it!!! wow!!! Have a great weekend!


  7. Love the colour layers showing through. You paint eyes beautifully.


  8. Love the gridding and translucency and complementary color scheme! Love it all!!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art


  9. Love this, color theme really works. HPPF!


  10. Fantastic. The contrasting colours give this such a powerful feeling and the face is beautiful emerging from the page.
    Alison x


  11. Love the coloring, especially her eyes, and how you've used that particular article as the base. Gorgeous.


  12. A really very nice job. Like the transparency. Work, oh ugh. Have a wonderful weekend. Great job.


  13. Amazing work – love her determined gaze!


  14. Beautiful style, you captured her angst about going back to work!!

    Hugs Giggles


  15. beautiful page, lovely combination of colours and great composition. Thank you for sharing


  16. So interesting with those magazine-look though her skin…love it! ♥ Conny


  17. She is such a colorful beauty! Good luck with your new job.


  18. Now this one is really creative and quite lovely.


  19. Love the layering and love how it shows right through her face.


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