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The Documented Life Project

Sometime in december last year I ran accross the documented Life Project. I was immediately intrigued. A combination of planner and art journal, executed any which way you would like. My favorite things combined. So I started looking into it and joined the facebook group, where lot’s af people were already busy making the most fabulous planners and journals. Sharing all that they did generously.

So I decided to join in the fun as soon as the two art journals were safely on their way. Last week I finally got those travelling again and I started thinking about how I wanted to participate in this project.

I had a planner and that was working just fine for me. I did a video about that last monday. This is part one.

And part 2.

I really didn’t want to change that, so I gathered I would do it a bit differently and just do the weekly prompts in a seperate booklet. I had some wonderful and colourful painted papers, just waiting to be made into a booklet. They had been living underneath my artsy endeavors for almost half a year now and were definitely ready for other use =)
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Tracy’s Round Robin Art Journal

I got Tracy’s journal in the beginning of December, just a week before I got Lee’s journal and all came to a halt. It’s a wonderful journal, in a format I never saw before.

I loved working in it, though I did clamp the sides down for easier transport while open =). But then, I have to that anyhow, since I like to muck around with paints, Which means I have to use protective sheets to keep the other pages clean.
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What happened to the Round Robin…

You might ask… , but first, before I answer, I would like to wish you all a happy new year and all the best for 2014.

About the round robin, well, I’m afraid I fell a little behind. Between taking my class in december, getting my shop up and running, the way I like it and the holidays, I didn’t do much else. I had nearly finished one journal page in Gayle’s book by the end of november, when Tracy’s book arrived. I still felt I was on track though, so I just continued on, slowly. But then, out of the blue another book arrived, this time it was Lee’s book and with all the other things going on in december, that brought me to a full stop.

Now with the december day’s gone and to-do’s finished for that month, I picked up where I left off and have been working on the journal for Gayle and Tracy for the last few days. I’ve been doing two pages at a time, each in a different book and I confess, that was a lot of fun. When waiting for one to dry I could just move on to the other. How come I never thought of that before? =)

Here are a few photo’s of them.

Funny thing is that the pages done together do get sortof the same color and tone. I will do a seperate post on each book, with some progress pics of the pages I did in them, as I feel doing them all in one post would lead to a very lengthy (and overly picture heavy) post.

Till then, I have another video to share, with a flip through of my december journal made in my “FaeDori” Traveler’s Notebook for the Christmas chronicles class from Rhomany

Thank you for watching and hope to see you soon =)

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