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Angels on my mind…

For quite some time now, I’ve had angels on my mind… even from before I went on holiday in July.

Early July I received an question from Janet to make and paint a set of 3 Traveler’s Notebooks using a gorgeous image of an Angel standing in water under a stormy sky.

It took me some time to get myself to work on it…obviously there were the standard set-backs…like my camera dying on me and the repair man taking his time…but then there was also some definite procrastination involved, due to fear of not doing it justice….especially since I felt it had a deeper significance to Janet.

Now I love drawing and painting angels, but drawing and painting on a canvas is something entirely different to drawing and painting on leather. The leather has to be wet when painting and that makes it very susceptible to dents and impressions…

However, I got past my fear, got up the nerve and started the painting and now here they are…


3 lovely angels, flying in the face of stormy weathers, coming through heavy waters and emerging as a figure of beauty on the other side. Continue reading


Starry nights and long and winding roads…

Well maybe not so winding, but long it is, the road I painted on a custom requested Traveler’s Notebook.

Before I went on holiday I got a request for a custom traveler’s Notebook with a picture of a gorgeous view of the milky-way in the sky and a road leading toward a soft sunset in the far distance. The view of the milky way was so beautiful, I wished we could see the stars here like this, but I’m afraid there’s a bit too much light pollution going on in our crowded little country.

The Traveler’s Notebook is well underway to its new home so here are a few pictures of it.


It started out looking like this. Continue reading