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3 Painted Traveler’s Notebooks from Monique Vanmeulebrouk

Never Reblogged anything but I have to share this with you…specially the photobombing kitty in one of the photo’s =)

Janet Carr @

I ordered these in July as a birthday present to myself and they arrived this morning just before I left for work. I was delighted because I work in a high security environment and cannot received parcels at work, which means that there is often no one at home when a parcel arrives and I have to wait days to collect it from the post office. But for once time was on my side!

I had to wait to open the parcel until I got home but it was a good wait. Ooh the anticipation!

IMG_3352 Beautifully packaged. Fluffy my cat got at the corner as soon as I put it down but thanks to the secure packaging, nothing was damaged.

IMG_7453 Nicely padded with tissue paper, paper and bubble wrap.

IMG_7455 Really secure

IMG_7457 Nicely wrapped on all sides!

Four little parcels all individually wrapped with a card. Four little parcels all individually wrapped.  And a card!

IMG_7461 Wonderful little card from Monique

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New diary style… I’m calling it Grunge..

I needed a new diary for my Personal size Traveler’s Notebook, since the old one was only to the end of September … Somehow it escaped me that October had already come and I still didn’t have a new diary for my every day carry …. What is a girl to do in a situation like that….

I already had an idea for a new style diary, I just never came round to actually making it. Making new templates always takes more time than you would anticipate. Which of course is the reason I’ve been putting making the new diary for my EDC off. However now I could no longer do that, it was now, or just use one of the existing templates

I really wanted the new design, because I wanted it to go with the new paper I now offer as covers for my inserts …


So I made myself a new lay-out. Building on the modern style I already offer, changed a bit, added a bit, went for a bit of color and now I have a super cute Grunge style diary Continue reading