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Angels on my mind…

For quite some time now, I’ve had angels on my mind… even from before I went on holiday in July.

Early July I received an question from Janet to make and paint a set of 3 Traveler’s Notebooks using a gorgeous image of an Angel standing in water under a stormy sky.

It took me some time to get myself to work on it…obviously there were the standard set-backs…like my camera dying on me and the repair man taking his time…but then there was also some definite procrastination involved, due to fear of not doing it justice….especially since I felt it had a deeper significance to Janet.

Now I love drawing and painting angels, but drawing and painting on a canvas is something entirely different to drawing and painting on leather. The leather has to be wet when painting and that makes it very susceptible to dents and impressions…

However, I got past my fear, got up the nerve and started the painting and now here they are…


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Very late 12 tags of 2013…not a tag

I know, I am really, really late making the june tag for the 12 tags of 2013. So this will be a really, really short post. I loved the tag Tim made as an inspiration and the techniques he used, butI just couldn’t get it together to go and make this tag.

This afternoon it hit me. I just wasn’t in the mood to make a tag. I wanted to make books. The feeling of booklets and the fiddling with paper just makes me happy. So I decided to make the cover of a booklet with the techniques Tim showed us.

I didn’t have all the products Tim used, so I used substitutes that I thought would work. I did make some progress shots and detail photo’s.
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WOYWW 212 and winner birthday giveaway

It’s time again for yet another workdesk hop all around the world. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go and check out Julia’s blog, Stamping Ground and she’ll explain it all to you. From there you can also visit all other participating workdesks.

My workdesk this week is a rather funny one, as I’m getting to grips with making youtube video’s .

On the desk you can see the journal page I was filming. Which I finished right in time to post the video and the page here.

First things first. Last week I posted a birthday giveaway and I promised to let my daughter draw a winner from among the comments, both here and on Youtube.
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Summer of Color – Week three

Yesterday I was playing with some new sprays and embossing with a new stamp. I made a page I was realy pleased with. As it turns out the colors I used were the colors from this weeks artists choise for the Summer of Color 3. So since I like the page and the colors match this weeks colors, I will be able to submit  my entry for this week really early =).

The above images are scans and It would appear that my scanner is not big enough for this booklet, because the edges are snipped off. Not much though. I forgot to make progress pics but I do have some detail photo’s to show you.
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Summer of color, week two: Hot pink and orange

I finally done with the journal page for the summer of color, week two. This weeks chosen colors were Hot Pink and Orange. I think it’s a gorgeous color combination. I loved dressing up my baby girl in these colors, when she was youger. She’s now 16 and won’t take any advice from me. Which, of course, is how it should be =).

I love painting with these colors, but somehow this page has been giving me a headache and it took a while for me to wrap my head around what it was that was bugging me and finish the page.

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.” – Theodore Roosevelt.

Instead of telling you a realy long story, maybe I should let the progress pictures tell the story for me.
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Mixed Media Book Cover for art journals

Next week is my birthday and my mother is coming to stay with me again for a good part of the week. I’m looking forward to the mess we will be making while crafting together. So far I have made three art journal booklets for her with a pamphlet stitch. Each made with 5 folio’s.

For next week I want to make her a book cover so she can bind the 3 signatures together in a book. It will have to be something she can decorate herself and I want the signatures to be removable, so it’s easier to work in the booklets.

I saw a blogpost and youtube video’s from Paula Phillips (JournalArtista, Mixed Media mini books) where she did just what I was looking for. An easy to make bookcover with removable signatures. Go check her out, her booklets and journal pages are beautiful and inspiring, I started playing a bit with this idea and made a test cover for my own pamphlet booklets.

I didn’t make progress pics, because I got rather caught up in the process of making this. I learned a lot while doing it and there are several things I will do differently when I make the cover for my mother. I will try and remember to make progress shots when I make that one, just let me know if you would like a tutorial on that.

I do, however, have some close up shots for you.
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Home, a safe haven – art journal page

The theme for the month june over at Art journal journey is to reflect on the term “Home”. For me home is the place where my loved ones are, my 2 kids, husband and 4 cats. It’s a safe haven, a place of warmth and kindness.

My home used to be in Limburg, the Netherlands and it’s hills are never far from my thoughts. I even created “hills” in my garden to remind me of them in the middle of the flat fields I live in today. Although, I suppose, the dikes in the polder could be considered as some sort of hill.

Someday I may go back to Limburg, but for now I’m happy where I am. Pottering away in my garden and my little craft corner. My little hiding place.

I made this page on a background that was used for cleaning of stencils and left over paints.
I’m afraid I didn’t make any progress pics, but here are some close ups.
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