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Traveler’s Notebook Planner flip-through

At the start of the year I made a set-up video of my planner at that moment. Now after 4 months into the system I’m still loving the current set-up. Although I did make some changes along the way.

One change was the addition of a daily pages planner, which I use mainly for daily doodles and quotes. The other one is the recent addition of an A5 planner to keep track of how I spend my time during the day. Especially with a home based business it’s hard to realize some time for Family and personal stuff. I hope with this new time management and time tracking system to be able to get a better grip on where and how I spend my time and in a way, to convince myself that it is ok to take some personal time every now and again.

Photo 04-04-2017, 00 51 24

Today I made 2 video’s. The first with a flip-through of my weekly and daily planner inserts and my journaling insert and the other with the new A5 work planner and the time tracking insert, which is basically a vertical week on 4 pages insert, with stylized time bar. (Still looking for a name for the system). Continue reading

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Setting up a new shop interface ain’t easy…

Well, that is, it’s easy enough if you go with all the defaults, but to make it your own and have all the bells and whistles you saw in other shops, that you really thought were awesome….That ain’t easy… However being a former IT admin, I do know a bit about these things.

I’ve build a website before and dabbled with html and style sheets and stuff, had several blogs and know a little bit of scripting, so I should be fine…

slides quotes large-1

However it looks like it’s going to be a lengthy process. I’m doing it all next to the up and running Etsy store, which is going great, which in turn means there not all too much time to spend on things like setting up my own store front… Continue reading