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Traveler’s Notebook Planner flip-through

At the start of the year I made a set-up video of my planner at that moment. Now after 4 months into the system I’m still loving the current set-up. Although I did make some changes along the way.

One change was the addition of a daily pages planner, which I use mainly for daily doodles and quotes. The other one is the recent addition of an A5 planner to keep track of how I spend my time during the day. Especially with a home based business it’s hard to realize some time for Family and personal stuff. I hope with this new time management and time tracking system to be able to get a better grip on where and how I spend my time and in a way, to convince myself that it is ok to take some personal time every now and again.

Photo 04-04-2017, 00 51 24

Today I made 2 video’s. The first with a flip-through of my weekly and daily planner inserts and my journaling insert and the other with the new A5 work planner and the time tracking insert, which is basically a vertical week on 4 pages insert, with stylized time bar. (Still looking for a name for the system). Continue reading


A suitcase full of Travelers…

In my last blogpost I referred to my suitcase with Traveler’s Notebook inserts….

This suitcase belonged to an aunt of my mother and she took it with her on every trip she took. She loved Traveling. However the suitcase is now not very practical anymore and I wouldn’t want it to get damaged from traveling. With that in mind and my collection of Traveler’s Notebook inserts and other journals that I’ve been keeping and collecting over the years, I thought it very fitting that they should stay in the suitcase.



So here it is, a short but picture heavy post. Continue reading

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My oldest Traveler in use…

It’s been rather a busy few weeks these past weeks. To relax a little I like to work in my art journal. At the moment I have 2 art-journal Travelers. One is Regular size and the other is A5. Today I want to share with you my oldest TN in use. It looks lovely, marked with all things life has thrown at it. Still as strong as ever.


It’s the same saddle leather I usually use, maybe even a little thinner. Its lovely brown glow does not come from any dye, well apart from the acrylic and ink add-on’s….It’s just oiled veg tan leather… Continue reading


Live Long and Prosper…a birthday present

Last year I made several Traveler’s Notebooks using a masking technique. I knew the technique very well from my art journaling and since I hadn’t seen anyone use this on leather I thought I would give it a go.

My goal was to get a lighter lettering (or other) onto the notebook.
Up to then I had only been able to get darker images into the leather using stamps. The masking would allow me to keep parts lighter (like this).

The masking technique worked fabulous and I bought a silhouette portrait to explore the possibilities of this further.

Somehow live got in the way, with my job, combined with the Etsy Shop and family life… the machine just sat there gathering dust…. (so sad)

However now that I’ve quit my job to make TN’s full time and my sister in law’s birthday (a huge star trek fan) was coming up, I forced myself to MAKE IT SO …
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How I’m using my Traveler’s Notebooks at the moment

A year has passed since I made my first leather Traveler’s Notebook and I’ve been using this sytem now for well over a year.

I’ve been making my own diaries and inserts right from the start and have adapted the system to suit my needs. I’ve used several different lay-outs and setups through-out this period, but I think I have now found a setup that works exactly how I like it.

I have 4 RS TN’s for different purposes, one for work, one for art journaling, one for my Etsy store and one personal journal and diary/agenda. I also have a Fieldnotes sized TN for lists and keeping track of online orders and a small Passport sized one that I use as a wallet.

At first I used a setup with a MOTP, a WOTP and a daily diary with a chronodex adaptation to fit a 24 hr day. As time progressed and I was slowly overcoming the symptoms of my burn-out, I found I didn’t need a full daily page to keep track of what I was doing. I did however want to keep at least a page per week.

 ___Warning, picture heavy post___
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Traveling Dori, Mîr Ardhon

Since the beginning of this year (march 2014) I’ve been involved in a project where people from all around the world share snippets of their life in a Traveler’s Notebook.

For a brief period of time they will host one of the projects Traveler’s Notebooks and capture their every day lives into the notebooks, with whatever medium they feel comfortable with. Be it writing, drawing, painting, photography or a combination of any of the above, anything goes.

A facebook group has been created for the group and many joined for the first trip around the world. Since there are so many people in the group, several subgroups have been cerated and each group has its own Traveler’s Notebook.

I made 2 Traveler’s Notebooks and inserts as a contribution to the project and coordinate both groups these travel within. These traveler’s have departed for the USA on april 14th 2014 for their first stop and continued their journey around the world from there on. Some of the pictures of these travelers have been shared on Flickr and on Facebook. I will try and get more pictures gathered there. There are also pictures on Instagram (#TravelingDori).

Last week one of the traveler’s came home after its first trip around the world and I was at awe. Its so wonderful to see all the contributions in the book, all those pieces of life from all around the world. To read about them, see their photo’s and feel their art and heart.

So I made a little video, yesterday evening, which doesn’t do it justice at all, but will give a little impression of the Traveler.
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Travelers Notebooks and a sneek peek at Beate’s journal

Lately I’ve sortof been obsessed with making these Midori style Travelers Notebooks (MTN) and things to put in them. Trying to figure out how to put it all together and make those beautiful notebooks, covers and accesories.

What materials to use, the leather, the elastic and those nifty thingies they use to connect the elastic on the spine and yes I did find out what they were. Me being me, I obviously could not stop before I figured it all out…

I also joined two facebook groups (Midori Traveler’s Notebook resources and Midori Traveler’s Notebook Nederland) and have been having fun with posting a photo a day following prompts by Monia Marzo.

In the midst of all this, completely neglected my blog…well not completely, because I did make an extra page for the blog, where I keep a listing of my downloadable files for making the inserts for the Travelers Notebooks (TN).

I’ve also started selling these Travelers Notebooks though they are not listed in my store yet.
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