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Krafty birthday and giveaway

Tomorrow is my birthday (well, by the time this is posted it’ll be today…) and as I understand it, it is customary to do a giveaway for your birthday here in this crafty blogland =). Since I do like to give presents, I thought I would join in the fun. So, being in book making mode, I made a little booklet for you.

This journal has been made with a huge junk mail envelope, some kraft paper bags from when I was in Paris,   scrap papers with a movie theme (can’t remember the paper line) and cardstock. I added an Eifel tower keychain embellishment, bought when I was in Paris and several other things. I will add some more bits and bobs that might be nice for the crafty winner of the birthday giveaway.

To be entered in the drawing, just leave a comment stating that you would like to be entered in the drawing. You don’t have to become a follower, only if you realy like what you see here =). There is a youtube video with a flip through of the booklet and when you leave me a comment there you’ll be entered twice in the drawing. You can find the link at the end of this post.

Here are some flip through photo’s of the booklet.
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Some booklets I made

As I started blogging on lifejournal, some posts about booklets were posted there. I finally figured out how to import those posts to blogger, so I posted them here today. I back dated them as not to fill your RSS stream.

Not a lot of posts, realy, so I don’t know why it took me so long to get them over to blogger. Not all booklets I made were posted on lifejournal, so today I will post some of the other booklets I made.
Some of the books above can be found in the previous posts, while others have never been posted before.
All booklets are handbound and most are made from tea dyed paper.
Except the TP mini album, which, off course, is made from TP rolls. You can see the (considerable) size difference very well in this picture.
I also made some tiny pictures, 2″-2″, so too large to be an inchie and too small to be and ATC…

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A flowery TP mini album

Last week I tried my hand at making a second TP mini album.
This time I was going to use the papers I bought, in stead of all sorts of free images downloaded from the internet or made myself. I have seen all sorts of beautifull TP mini albums and they all include flowers of some sort.

Now I am not a very flowery “girl” and I have never made any paper flowers before, except maybe when I was a little girl, but I was determined to use flowers on this one.

The making of the mini was rather easy, I used the stack the deck method and build the mini. Using the papers was an brise. I kept it rather plain at first, so I could add decorations later. The decorating, however, did give me a little headache and I struggled with it somewhat. Putting things on and taking them off again, making flowers and throwing them away…

In the end I did manage to produce a flowery mini album that pleased my eyes. So yeah, here it is, not entirely finished, still some embellishments and trinkets to attach, but for now I will call it a day.
Hope you like my steampunky, flowery mini album.

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All different sizes…

Since I have been on the outlook for information about making a little booklet for a chatelaine, I found many good tutorials online about making booklets. Though none that specifically describe what I am looking for, I find them all very interesting and enchanting. There are many styles and sizes of booklets. Uncountable ways of binding them, or materials to use. Some are only for the specialist, with years and years of training, while others are child’s play. In order to be able to make the style of booklet for my chatelaine, I need to build some experience in binding and material use. So I have been playing around with making different styles and sizes of booklets. From teeny tiny, to medium sized. Here are three examples of this. I hope you like them =)

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What to do with all them little books…

Since I discovered how to make those tieny tiny little books, I’ve been completely hooked. They are so cute and making them is such a joy. On top of that, my daughter allso loves making them, so it is something we can do together, wich is allways a bonus =).

As filling up the house with little booklets is, obviously, not a option and there is an investment involved with making these, both in time and money, we decided we would open up a DaWanda shop to sell some of the books we made. As I have no experience in selling, I guess I’ll just try and learn allong the way…So, yeah, we opened a little shop on DaWanda and by now have about two booklets for sale. Not a lot, but hey, we’re just starting out =). We made more booklets, but either they are not for sale, or we gave them away as gifts. So below are some pictures of one of the books we have in our little shop and some pictures of the booklet I made for my sisters birthday. The latter being a cute example of what you can do with these tiny books. 

The name of our shop is “Morgan Le Fae’s Trinkets“, wich is based on my daughters second name, since it is a joined effort.

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