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lost my mojo…hoping to find it somewhere soon

It seems I haven’t been blogging much lately, nor have I been doing much art journaling. At first I felt really bad about this and kept feeling pressure to do something, anything…. but somehow this self imposed pressure only made things worse… And I lost my mojo completely.

Still I tried to finish the art journal round robin journal for Susan. Did bits an pieces here and there, Played with ink and paint, but somehow felt it just wasn’t good enough. 
So I put it away and forgot about it…well almost…
This week I finally got up the nerve to try and finish what I started. 
Susan’s book is beautiful and the work done in it already, was gorgeous. It’s theme was trees and leaves and/or anything related. I’m not good with trees, or leaves for that matter…but I gave it a shot.
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First spread in Beate’s journal

Last night I finished the first spread in Beate’s Round Robin art journal. I did plan to do both, but forgot I had a birthday party to go to. As my father-in-law turned 85 and we celebrated that happy fact last saturday.

At first I was a bit anxious to touch her journal, as she made such a beautiful book. I really didn’t want to ruin it, with me goofing around with paints and stuff.

Once I took some precautionary measures, like taping the spine and protective sheets under the pages I intended to work on, I got a bit more secure. While working on it I gained confidence and in the end I was just painting like as if it was my book =).

I did take a few progress shots and some details…
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You must break out…

The theme for Art Journal Journey this month is “Square/Quadrat”.

I did not have a plan in mind when I started working on this. I didn’t even work in my art journal. As I had some trouble getting back to normal life after my vacation.

I did take some progress pics while I was working on this and some detail shots… so be warned, this is a picture heavy post =).
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My last WOYWW was #215, so I missed quite a few desks while I was away, but I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. I even played around with some paint again these last few days. Not to much mind you, because I first had to clear away all the mess I made before I went on holliday. So I could start making a whole new mess.

And a mess I made =)

Here’s a birdseye view of my mess. On the right you can see my mothers hands. She came by yesterday to pick up my son for a sleepover with his nephews and to work a little in her travel journal.

My workdesk is on the left side and the clean and tidy workdesk I created has long gone. It’s once again a huge pile of, well I don’t know what. Anything and everything I use, or find, or think I might use. One day is all it took. I actually don’t mind it looking like this, as long as I have a spot to work in, that’s just fine. I just figure that’s what it’s for. If I want it to stay neat and tidy, maybe I shouldn’t work on it, right?

On my desk you can see a bubble envelope I’m decorating, because I actualy just got my first ever order for 2 little books on my DaWanda site. Yay =).
(spoiler alert for Susanna =) …)
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Summer Of Color 3, week 6 – Sage and Sepia

The last week of the summer of color allready. Just in time, because next week I will be away on holliday and I won’t have time to work in my art journal, let alone write blog posts.

Sage and Sepia are this weeks colors and though I love those colors, I had no clue what I wanted to do. Which, I must admit, does happen quite often.

So I set out to make a journal page, with video again, as I have set this up anyhow and ended up here.

I ran into some trouble while making the video. Or perhaps I should say, I created some trouble, by thoughtlessly deleting some files to make room on the hard drive of the camera.
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Fun with ATC’s – Classic Films

When I saw this challenge prompt over at Fun With ATC’s, I immediately thought I wanted to do something with it, because I love old movies. After which it totally escaped my attention and I forgot completely about it.

Untill this weekend, when I found myself in need of an ATC to send out with my little package to my one hundredth follower (Jan). So I made a few inspired by the prompt from Fun with ATC’s and some old movie stars I loved watching when I was a child.

Here are some close-up shots and a sneek peek at the package for Jan.

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Add color to my sunset sky – art journal page

With the Color Of Summer challenges these past weeks, I’ve been limiting my choice of color in my art journals to the colors of the week. I at least tried to do that and because I had several other projects that needed to get finished, I haven’t had time to just go out and play in my journal.

Somehow, last night I urgently felt the need to splurge out in color, because it makes me happy and I needed that.

I didn’t even pull out every color I have in my drawer, but I seriously tried. I found the perfect quote to go with it:
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