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Steampunk Lady, a pretty English Bridle and then some…

I’ve been making lot’s of TN’s with pockets lately. Hand stitching pockets on Traveler’s Notebooks is quite different from hand stitching wallets with thinner softer leathers. However I feel I’ve mastered the craft by now, so next I’ll be making messenger bags…I’ve got one commission already for a messenger bag. That’ll be one for my daughter… the prototyping can start….but first I’ll show you what I’ve been up to these past weeks.

Painted TN’s are a thing I love to do and I love how people come up with ideas for their own personal Traveler’s Notebook, unique to them. Like this Steampunk lady  Personal Size Traveler’s Notebook. As I learned yesterday, this was inspired by many little snippets of interest in the life of the lovely lady this is going to. Steampunk, Outlander, Vampire diaries etc. I love that, not only do I have many similar interests, but I love that people will tell me things about their life and that through this I get to touch on a person’s life for just a brief second and get to know them, just a little bit.

steampunk lady

However not all TN’s I make are painted, most actually are “merely” dyed. Like this very cute English bridle A6 Traveler’s Notebook with pockets, white stitching and a pen-loop.

english bridle

Making all those wallet inserts and Traveler’s Notebooks also means I’ve gained quite a bit in speed with the hand sewing, which made it possible to add just a stitched edge to the store. Something I didn’t do before, because it took so much time to sew it all by hand. I now feel the sewn edge is a viable and lovely decorative addition to any Traveler’s Notebook.

stitching only

Last but not least and already at its new home is a Thor themed Traveler’s Notebook, which I did with a stencil technique that doesn’t leave any feathering, but just clean crisp edges.


The Thor themed Traveler’s Notebook is like the Enterprise themed Traveler’s Notebook from a while back and the “JOURNEY” Traveler’s Notebooks from last year something I will be exploring further in the future, specially since I’m going to try and start adding ready to ship items to the shop, since all items now are made to order. Which is in effect, like a friend said, as if my shop is always sold out…

Hope you enjoyed my notebooks and do stop by the shop or if you want something custom made, drop me a line.

Have a great day,

xx Monique


Starry nights and long and winding roads…

Well maybe not so winding, but long it is, the road I painted on a custom requested Traveler’s Notebook.

Before I went on holiday I got a request for a custom traveler’s Notebook with a picture of a gorgeous view of the milky-way in the sky and a road leading toward a soft sunset in the far distance. The view of the milky way was so beautiful, I wished we could see the stars here like this, but I’m afraid there’s a bit too much light pollution going on in our crowded little country.

The Traveler’s Notebook is well underway to its new home so here are a few pictures of it.


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Painted leather Traveler’s Notebook covers, on the outside….

Or…why I don’t paint the inside of my covers with the same acrylics based leather dyes I use on the smooth outside.

I’ve gotten a few questions from people asking me if I could paint the inside of the leather Traveler’s Notebook covers. The answer to that would have to be yes, of course I can paint the inside of the covers, however I choose not to do it. For a reason, a very good reason in my mind. =)

I do dye the insides of the covers with alcohol or oil based leather dyes. So there’s plenty of color to be had …

for instance, the above Nebula Traveler’s Notebook, has a purple inside =)

To explain why I choose not to paint the inside, I would first have to explain something about the vegetable tanned leather I use.
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Painted Traveler’s Notebooks…

Á while back I discovered you can paint Leather Travelers Notebooks with acrylic paint, my all time favorite medium. Regular Acrylic paint will work, however special acrylics for leather are better and give a much nicer result.

Since then I have made quite a few Traveler’s notebooks that were painted, among which are my painted lady and some nebula’s. I tend to show some of the TN’s I make in my facebook group, Lady Falcon Traveler’s Notebooks and on my instagram, @LadyFalconTN, but somehow seem to forget to post them here…

So without further ado, here’s my latest Weir Tree TN. It’s an A6 Traveler’s Notebook and it has one, larger/older , brother, or sister, in the world =)

These are hand painted and since the leather doesn’t take kindly to pencil, I can’t sketch it out before hand.
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