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Tim and Dotty…

With the end of the month drawing near, I figured today (or yesterday, as I am posting this today) I would finally make the Tim Tag for august, or should I say booklet as I prefer to make books. Don’t get me wrong, I like tags as well, I just don’t know what to do with them once they are created. Now books I can use and that’s why I prefer to make those.

And since it’s all about the technique, I guess it’s alright. Tim has shown us some fabulous techniques in the past year, but this one has to be my favorite. As per usual I didn’t have all the materials he uses in his tutorial.
So I had to be a bit inventive and make do with what I did have.
And while I was busy making one booklet I figured I might as well make two, so I also made one for the Dotty challenge over at Simon Says Stamp and Show, monday challenges.

Hence the title, Tim and Dotty =). Here are some close up shots of Tim and Dotty.



My last WOYWW was #215, so I missed quite a few desks while I was away, but I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. I even played around with some paint again these last few days. Not to much mind you, because I first had to clear away all the mess I made before I went on holliday. So I could start making a whole new mess.

And a mess I made =)

Here’s a birdseye view of my mess. On the right you can see my mothers hands. She came by yesterday to pick up my son for a sleepover with his nephews and to work a little in her travel journal.

My workdesk is on the left side and the clean and tidy workdesk I created has long gone. It’s once again a huge pile of, well I don’t know what. Anything and everything I use, or find, or think I might use. One day is all it took. I actually don’t mind it looking like this, as long as I have a spot to work in, that’s just fine. I just figure that’s what it’s for. If I want it to stay neat and tidy, maybe I shouldn’t work on it, right?

On my desk you can see a bubble envelope I’m decorating, because I actualy just got my first ever order for 2 little books on my DaWanda site. Yay =).
(spoiler alert for Susanna =) …)
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Back home

We are back from our holiday in Italy. A little sad and glad at the same time. We had a wonderful time, such a beautiful country and such lovely people. I even understood some Italian this time around, though I realy should try and finish my course before I go there next time. I might even be able to say some words in Italian by then, other then bon giorno, ciao, prego and grazie =).

Back home I’m having some trouble getting back in my rhythm, so I thought I would start off with showing you what I made to take with me on my holiday.

At first I was only going to take a tiny little file folder journal, but since we bought this little printer for the holiday snaps, I realy wanted something bigger so I could journal and add some photo’s at the same time.
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5 little booklets…

Yup, that’s right, 5 little booklets and 9 more in the making. What was I thinking…

With the school hollidays coming up and lot’s of birthdays, I wanted to make some journals to either tuck in my handbag while on the road, or give as a cute little present.

I saw some youtube video’s with the cutest little booklets. One was a doodle book – journal from Michelle Mooney, thepaperaddiction on YouTube. Made completely from envelopes. I tried this last week, but as I only had white envelopes and not the nice brown colored ones she uses, I tea dyed some junk envelopes.

Then I saw some realy cute file folder mini booklets made with a mini file folder and just some random papers in them. I fell completely in love with these. You can see some great examples at RoxPaperScissors and Yolanda’s Crafty Channel on Youtube.

As I just got the File Tabs Sizzix on the edge die, I thought I would do something with that as well.

So I’ve spent my weekend collecting, cutting and folding papers, all sorts of papers…
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