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A rusty japanese stab book

When I made my first japanes stab book for a swap, my husband liked it so much that he wanted me to make one for him. So I promised him to make one.

I started working on the book last week when I showed you the covers in my WOYWW post. I finished the book last monday.

As he likes steampunk stuff, I made it rusty and old looking. He’s quite pleased with his notebook.

I did take some progress shots, but not very much. So I won’t be able to show you exactly what I did to get this look, but I will try and talk through all the steps.
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The sea is only… – art journal page

I’m participating in the Summer of Color. Where this year the colors to be used on your projects are chosen by the participating artists. This week, week one, the colors are Citron Green and Turqoise. Two of my favorite colors.

Here’s my entry for this week:

“The sea is only the embodiment of a
supernatural and wonderful existence.
It is nothing but love and emotion;
it is the ‘Living Infinite…”
― Jules Verne, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

I remembered to make some progress pics and of course some detail shots, so this is a rather picture heavy post =).
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My first swap

A while back I took part in the altered playing card challenge over at Sandee and Amelie’s steampunk challenge blog and I forgot to mention how happy I was when I found out that my altered playing cards were spotlighted at Sandee and Amelie’s steampunk challenge blog. Such a lovely surprise =).

These cards brought yet another suprise because after I posted my APC’s for the altered playing card challenge over at Sandee and Amelie’s steampunk challenge blog, I received lots of sweet messages. Among which there was one message from a lovely, very talented, lady. Her name is Dagmar and you can find her wonderful blog here. Dagmar mentioned in her comment that she would love to add one of the cards to her ATC collection. I was delighted that she liked them so much, so I wrote her a message telling her that I would gladly sent one to her.  She wrote me a lovely message back in which she offered to sent me one of her ATC’s in return.

I was over the moon as this was now my very first swap. I love sending gifts, I love surprises and I love getting mail, but…well there allways a but isn’t there, I didn’t know how to get the ATC to her in one piece. Nor what is common practice when doing a swap.

So I did some research and Dagmar sent me some tips. I found a nice free picture online for the back of the card and a bubble envelope, large enough for the ATC. I was however still afraid it might bend or break in the mail and after thinking a while, I figured I would make a little book to put the ATC in. And since I love making books and trying new things, I made her a little ATC booklet.

I even remembered to make some “making off” shots.
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Still in paper mode

Over at Sandee & Amelie’s Steampunk Challenge blog, the challenge for the month may is altered playing cards.
As I am still in paper mode and my prima engraver paper pad was still out on my desk, I thought I would try some altered playing cards with this.

I also had some fimo clay pieces that I made with my stamps left, so I thought I would just play around a bit.
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Some booklets I made

As I started blogging on lifejournal, some posts about booklets were posted there. I finally figured out how to import those posts to blogger, so I posted them here today. I back dated them as not to fill your RSS stream.

Not a lot of posts, realy, so I don’t know why it took me so long to get them over to blogger. Not all booklets I made were posted on lifejournal, so today I will post some of the other booklets I made.
Some of the books above can be found in the previous posts, while others have never been posted before.
All booklets are handbound and most are made from tea dyed paper.
Except the TP mini album, which, off course, is made from TP rolls. You can see the (considerable) size difference very well in this picture.
I also made some tiny pictures, 2″-2″, so too large to be an inchie and too small to be and ATC…

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The Nightingale

Over at Sandee & Amelie’s Steampunk challenges, challenge No2 is about bringing fairytales into the steampunk world. I love fairytales and I love steampunk. I think the two go wonderfully together.

I immediately thought about a fairytale I loved hearing when I was a child, The Nightingale, by Hans Christian Anderson. I think it is inherently steampunk. Steampunk before steampunk.

And since it is a bird I will also enter it into the following challenge:
I made the bird in my recently bought moleskine notebook for my art journalling. I bought it because I saw so many people using those. So I thought I would give it a go. I also bought some new pigment inks, a set with some wonderful colours. Obviously I wanted to try those as well. 

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Inspirational quote

Over on the Simon says stamp and show there is a challenge to create something with a quote. This can be any kind of quote, from movie quotes, to something a family member always says, a qoute on a stamp, or a quote you find insirational. Since I have been meaning to work more with quotes in my art journal, I felt I would try and work with this.

In searching for a way to deal with a burn out I have taken up art journalling as a tool to get clarity in my mind about the things I do and don’t do. Things that are good and things that need changing. As a part of that process perfection and imperfection have lately been on my mind. So I choose a quote about this subject, that spoke to me. As, in real life, I am an IT engineer.

“As machines become more and more efficient and perfect, so it will become clear that imperfection is the greatness of man.” Ernst Fisher.