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Very short Blogpost…

I’m going to try something new today….I’m going to write a short blogpost… That’s right, very short…
However, It is a rather long video =)

It’s a flip through of my Traveler’s Notebook (s), both my personal planner and the TN I took with me on holiday to Italy with the Travelogue and the doodling booklets.
I hope you enjoy

Have a lovely weekend,
xx Monique

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A little trip and a travelogue to log it

Last week I went on a little trip to Italy with my family. We had lots of fun and mad loads of pictures. Over the years I noticed somehow those pictures are taken only to be never looked at again, or if you do look at them, you can’t remember what was going on, or even where it was.

So the past few years I’ve taken to making a travelogue from all my trips. Sometimes quite elaborate, but usually just a brief journaling page per day with what we did and a few pics to go with it. Sometimes I draw, sometimes I don’t. I just go with the flow.

This year I made a new template for my travelogue and made it available in my Facebook group, Lady Falcon Traveler’s Notebooks

It started out looking like this

and ended up looking like this =)

Not as chunky as some I did before, but lovely and messy, just the way I like it.

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Traveling Dori, Mîr Ardhon

Since the beginning of this year (march 2014) I’ve been involved in a project where people from all around the world share snippets of their life in a Traveler’s Notebook.

For a brief period of time they will host one of the projects Traveler’s Notebooks and capture their every day lives into the notebooks, with whatever medium they feel comfortable with. Be it writing, drawing, painting, photography or a combination of any of the above, anything goes.

A facebook group has been created for the group and many joined for the first trip around the world. Since there are so many people in the group, several subgroups have been cerated and each group has its own Traveler’s Notebook.

I made 2 Traveler’s Notebooks and inserts as a contribution to the project and coordinate both groups these travel within. These traveler’s have departed for the USA on april 14th 2014 for their first stop and continued their journey around the world from there on. Some of the pictures of these travelers have been shared on Flickr and on Facebook. I will try and get more pictures gathered there. There are also pictures on Instagram (#TravelingDori).

Last week one of the traveler’s came home after its first trip around the world and I was at awe. Its so wonderful to see all the contributions in the book, all those pieces of life from all around the world. To read about them, see their photo’s and feel their art and heart.

So I made a little video, yesterday evening, which doesn’t do it justice at all, but will give a little impression of the Traveler.
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A new quotes insert template

Recently I updated my Midori TN free inserts page with the link to the location where you can download them. I also added my new logo and the link to my Etsy shop. In case you would like me to make you a Traveler’s Notebook or inserts for Traveler’s Notebooks.

Among the inserts are some templates with quotes I collected overt the past year and used with my art journals. An insert with random quotes and an insert with Hitchhikers Guide quotes by Douglas Adams, since this is one of my all time favorite books. I’ve shared these free templates already on my facebook page and in several Facebook groups, but thought I’d share them here as well.
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Just goofing around

Yesterday and today I have actualy realy been goofing around, doing everything and anything and nothing at all. I think because I’m sortoff postponing making the booklet for my next swap for the Hinges group at Milliande’s art community for women. We’re supposed to make a book with the secret belgian binding.

When I looked it up I was enchanted by it. the binding looks very appealing and intriguing. But I cannot, for the life of me, find any video’s of it anywhere. Just some tutorials with photo’s….in some foreign language. I lie, some are in english =).

I started a prototype booklet with the binding. Smaller than I want the real thing to be, no theme and not as elaborate.

I kinda like how it turned out and learned quite a bit making it.

Then I thought I would do a video of the making of the book for the swap… and so the stalling began. All kinds of questions popped into my head.
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Back home

We are back from our holiday in Italy. A little sad and glad at the same time. We had a wonderful time, such a beautiful country and such lovely people. I even understood some Italian this time around, though I realy should try and finish my course before I go there next time. I might even be able to say some words in Italian by then, other then bon giorno, ciao, prego and grazie =).

Back home I’m having some trouble getting back in my rhythm, so I thought I would start off with showing you what I made to take with me on my holiday.

At first I was only going to take a tiny little file folder journal, but since we bought this little printer for the holiday snaps, I realy wanted something bigger so I could journal and add some photo’s at the same time.
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Krafty birthday and giveaway

Tomorrow is my birthday (well, by the time this is posted it’ll be today…) and as I understand it, it is customary to do a giveaway for your birthday here in this crafty blogland =). Since I do like to give presents, I thought I would join in the fun. So, being in book making mode, I made a little booklet for you.

This journal has been made with a huge junk mail envelope, some kraft paper bags from when I was in Paris,   scrap papers with a movie theme (can’t remember the paper line) and cardstock. I added an Eifel tower keychain embellishment, bought when I was in Paris and several other things. I will add some more bits and bobs that might be nice for the crafty winner of the birthday giveaway.

To be entered in the drawing, just leave a comment stating that you would like to be entered in the drawing. You don’t have to become a follower, only if you realy like what you see here =). There is a youtube video with a flip through of the booklet and when you leave me a comment there you’ll be entered twice in the drawing. You can find the link at the end of this post.

Here are some flip through photo’s of the booklet.
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