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How to make bookmarks

For the past 4 years I’ve been using my leather tipped bookmarks in my Traveler’s notebook inserts. Many people have asked me if I would make and sell them for the shop.


Unfortunately I have not yet found a way to make these with a consistent look yet. I make them entirely by hand, which makes these slightly different each time. I think that is fine and even part of the fun for my personal use, but I somehow don’t feel comfortable enough about that to make them for the shop.  Continue reading


How many inserts can my Traveler’s Notebook hold…

I get that question a lot: How many inserts does your Traveler’s Notebook hold. Specially when talking about a Regular sized Traveler. I always feel a little lost with this question, because I know there is no straight forward answer. It all depends on the thickness of the inserts. That’s why I thought I would write a blog post about it and try to show you what I mean.

I do have a standard respons, because generally speaking this is what it comes down to. However it all depends on the inserts. I Usually say, my Regular Size (RS) cover allows for 3-4 inserts, that’s booklets, folders and such and my XL RS, being 20 mm wider, will allow for 6-8 inserts.

However, like I said, it all depends on the inserts, not all inserts are the same. You have your folders, plastic zipper pouches, leather wallet inserts and booklets.


Now most things are fairly straight forward and it is clear that a folder will get thicker when you put stuff in it and so does a zipper pouch. A leather insert has a thickness of it’s own and mostly that seems to be clear. It’s the booklets that cause the confusion. Not all booklets are equal…there’s even a difference between a booklet that hasn’t been written in and one that is full. This is something you should take into account when looking for inserts. Also my inserts, the Falcon Files, are about 60 pages. Looking around on Etsy and elsewhere, I have found most inserts are about 40 pages. Fieldnotes booklets are 48 pages. Midori inserts and Moleskine cahiers have about the same number of pages as my Falcon Files. This all makes it difficult to compare.

So I’m not going to do that, I’m just going to give you a real life example. My own Regular size Traveler. Continue reading


Painted leather Traveler’s Notebook covers, on the outside….

Or…why I don’t paint the inside of my covers with the same acrylics based leather dyes I use on the smooth outside.

I’ve gotten a few questions from people asking me if I could paint the inside of the leather Traveler’s Notebook covers. The answer to that would have to be yes, of course I can paint the inside of the covers, however I choose not to do it. For a reason, a very good reason in my mind. =)

I do dye the insides of the covers with alcohol or oil based leather dyes. So there’s plenty of color to be had …

for instance, the above Nebula Traveler’s Notebook, has a purple inside =)

To explain why I choose not to paint the inside, I would first have to explain something about the vegetable tanned leather I use.
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A6, Fieldnotes/Pocket or Passport booklet making tutorial

Just a quick post today, with a video tutorial I made about printing and making A6, Fieldnotes (Pocket), Passport sized booklets when you onlu have A4 sized paper.

I don’t think this will work with letter sized paper, because the dimensions and proportions are not completely comparable to A4 paper. However, the templates for FN and PP booklets might work.

If you do get it to work, please let me know =)

I also have a few pictures of the little passport I made.

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The making of a leather “Journey” Travelers’s Notebook…

And the mess it creates.

A while back I got a request for an A5 Traveler’s Notebook by a lovely lady. Who made the mistake of giving me free reign in making it. Luckily she loves to create art as well. With that in mind and the fact that she planned on using it as an art journal I figured I could play a little.

I first tested the idea on a Traveler’s Notebook I felt I ruined with some wrong stamping… I couldn’t make it worse, right.

It turned out great, better even then expected…. and it left my whole Kitchen counter looking like a disaster area. I don’t have a special art room and since I, obviously, was to enthusiastic and eager to try it, I didn’t take any precautions. Which I should have, because I sprayed the leather dye… and I have sprayed inks before, so I should have known.

I did take some pictures while making this, so I’ll try and explain what I did, should you want to try this at home.

Please remember the leather dyes I use (and are suitable to do this) are permanent inks. It will create a mess, so please protect the surroundings of your project… thoroughly!

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Double threading elastic for your Traveler’s Notebook

Since I started making Traveler’s Notebooks I have tried out several different ways to thread the elastic through the spine to keep the notebooks inside.

Obviously I started with the normal method, which is one thread, this is realy plenty to keep the notebooks in place.

However I got so many requests to put two elastics in the spine, that I started trying out different ways to thread the elastic. I looked around for ways other people were threading their Traveler’s Notebooks and found several, but none of them really appealed to me. 
The first and easiest way I found would be the sideways threading, as opposed to the regular vertical threading. This seems very nice in the beginning, but has a tendency to deform the spine, so that wasn’t going to work for me.
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How to add extra booklets to a Traveler’s Notebook

I received several questions about how to add extra booklets to your traveler’s notebook and since this is rather difficult to explain with just words, I thought I’d make a blogpost about it with pictures to make it easier to see.

As an example I used my Fieldnotes/Pocket sized Traveler’s Notebook, with just one elastic (1 long and 1 short)

I took it completely apart, to show you how I add the notebooks to my TN and took lots of pictures…
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