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A5, Regular size, and Mini kraft folders from Monique Vanmeulebrouk

Lovely blogpost by Janet from This Bugs Life. Thank you for the kind words Janet!

Janet Carr @

These arrived today. Luckily they all fitted in a regular envelope so I did not have to go to the post office to collect them.

You can make these yourself but as I am hamfisted so I prefer to buy these from my favourite Etsy sellers. If you use a traveler’s notebook like I do, you always end up with bits of paper that you need to put somewhere and these are perfect.

I ordered brown Kraft folders to go with the A5 cover I am using from Glenda Slann. Monique also makes folders with leather pen loops on them and I love those as well.  The dark brown exactly matches the dark brown lining of the cover and the folders were held together for travel with a perfectly contrasting pale pink band. Thank you Monique for the lovely work, and for the little charm!


While I was there…

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3 Painted Traveler’s Notebooks from Monique Vanmeulebrouk

Never Reblogged anything but I have to share this with you…specially the photobombing kitty in one of the photo’s =)

Janet Carr @

I ordered these in July as a birthday present to myself and they arrived this morning just before I left for work. I was delighted because I work in a high security environment and cannot received parcels at work, which means that there is often no one at home when a parcel arrives and I have to wait days to collect it from the post office. But for once time was on my side!

I had to wait to open the parcel until I got home but it was a good wait. Ooh the anticipation!

IMG_3352 Beautifully packaged. Fluffy my cat got at the corner as soon as I put it down but thanks to the secure packaging, nothing was damaged.

IMG_7453 Nicely padded with tissue paper, paper and bubble wrap.

IMG_7455 Really secure

IMG_7457 Nicely wrapped on all sides!

Four little parcels all individually wrapped with a card. Four little parcels all individually wrapped.  And a card!

IMG_7461 Wonderful little card from Monique

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Angels on my mind…

For quite some time now, I’ve had angels on my mind… even from before I went on holiday in July.

Early July I received an question from Janet to make and paint a set of 3 Traveler’s Notebooks using a gorgeous image of an Angel standing in water under a stormy sky.

It took me some time to get myself to work on it…obviously there were the standard set-backs…like my camera dying on me and the repair man taking his time…but then there was also some definite procrastination involved, due to fear of not doing it justice….especially since I felt it had a deeper significance to Janet.

Now I love drawing and painting angels, but drawing and painting on a canvas is something entirely different to drawing and painting on leather. The leather has to be wet when painting and that makes it very susceptible to dents and impressions…

However, I got past my fear, got up the nerve and started the painting and now here they are…


3 lovely angels, flying in the face of stormy weathers, coming through heavy waters and emerging as a figure of beauty on the other side. Continue reading


Summer Of Color 3, week 5 – Candy apple Red and Yellow

The Colors for the Summer Of Color this week are not exactly my cup of tea. I did try to make it work though, but my yellow went gold and brown. Which in a way are derivatives of yellow, right? So I think it still qualifies.

This page took me on a little journey down memory lane, back to a time when I didn’t know what worries were.

In the picture you can see me, sitting on my grandfather’s knee and my sister, trying to get away, because she probably saw a butterfly worth chasing, in my grandfather’s garden. Cows grazing peacefully in the background. My grandfather is pointing to my father, who took the picture.

He was a warm and thoughtful man, very close to nature. Always outside in the garden. My happiest memories of our visits are of him taking us to feed the chickens and showing us the baby rabbits, cuddled up nice and warm in their hay nests. My mother muttering in the background about our sunday clothes getting all dirty. Happy days.

Here are some close up shots of the page and a short making of video.
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