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Some booklets I made

As I started blogging on lifejournal, some posts about booklets were posted there. I finally figured out how to import those posts to blogger, so I posted them here today. I back dated them as not to fill your RSS stream.

Not a lot of posts, realy, so I don’t know why it took me so long to get them over to blogger. Not all booklets I made were posted on lifejournal, so today I will post some of the other booklets I made.
Some of the books above can be found in the previous posts, while others have never been posted before.
All booklets are handbound and most are made from tea dyed paper.
Except the TP mini album, which, off course, is made from TP rolls. You can see the (considerable) size difference very well in this picture.
I also made some tiny pictures, 2″-2″, so too large to be an inchie and too small to be and ATC…

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Chatelaine with an Aide Memoire…

The reason for all my bookadventures…

I wanted to have Chatelaines for our victorian style costumes to wear at the Elf Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands. When researching the subject, I found them to be way to expensive to just buy a complete chatelaine, let alone 3 sets. So I decided I would make them myself.
This turned out to be a complete journey all by itself. Trough historical sites, jewelry making sites and tutorials, ebay adventures and finally, book making sites.

 Because every respactable chatelaine, seems to have an “Aide Memoire” attached to it.
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What to do with all them little books…

Since I discovered how to make those tieny tiny little books, I’ve been completely hooked. They are so cute and making them is such a joy. On top of that, my daughter allso loves making them, so it is something we can do together, wich is allways a bonus =).

As filling up the house with little booklets is, obviously, not a option and there is an investment involved with making these, both in time and money, we decided we would open up a DaWanda shop to sell some of the books we made. As I have no experience in selling, I guess I’ll just try and learn allong the way…So, yeah, we opened a little shop on DaWanda and by now have about two booklets for sale. Not a lot, but hey, we’re just starting out =). We made more booklets, but either they are not for sale, or we gave them away as gifts. So below are some pictures of one of the books we have in our little shop and some pictures of the booklet I made for my sisters birthday. The latter being a cute example of what you can do with these tiny books. 

The name of our shop is “Morgan Le Fae’s Trinkets“, wich is based on my daughters second name, since it is a joined effort.

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Another little booklet…

Just a quick update. I have been making little booklets lately. I love how they look and feel, and I love making them. They are lovely relaxing litle projects and a great outlet for my creative energy. I may even start selling them on DaWanda, when I get this whole selling thing figured out.But for now I’m making just some pieces for myself and my friends and family =) Here’s my latest booklet, with a bookmarker. Made as a gift for a friend. 

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How one thing can lead to another…

I must admit, I’m not the most structured costume maker in the world, on the contrary I tend to get distracted easily. I like to go where the flow of my thought takes me. I think that’s how my creative process works best. In the end it all seems to come together though and I even get done what I set out to do. Though that surprises me at times. Here’s a little example of how one thing can lead to another.

dinner dress front


After making the corset, chemise and drawers I thought about what dress I wanted to make for my next EFF event. I bumped into a beautiful dinner dress in de Metropolitan museum ad figured I would try to make that one.
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