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Winner weeklyphotochallenge 2016

In 2016 I started a weekly photo challenge that should’ve take place every Wednesday …and didn’t…
Well it did at first, but got sidetracked due to the large amount of orders that came in starting from May 2016. Something I really didn’t anticipate and wasn’t prepared for at that time.
luckily I found some great help before the summer holiday and managed to get a studio build in the months after the holiday….but still too many orders and too little time to do anything with any weekly challenge whatsoever. I have since made some changes to the website, allowing only a few orders every week, but too late for the weekly photo challenge to take off again.
Still I would like to thank everyone that did participate in the weeks/months before things got “slightly” out of hand.

Now I did promise there would be a prize at the end of the year. The prize was a €100 gift certificate to our store, valid for all of 2017.
There were 12 photo’s selected over a course of 13 weeks. After excluding employees and family members, that left 10 photo’s to choose from and I asked the members of the Lady Falcon Facebook group to choose a winner for me. They were all great photo’s so it was a difficult choice.

The winner selected by the Facebook group members was Emily with this Photo of a gorgeous diary from 1930. Well worn and loved by the looks of it.


Emily selected a few items from the shop and since she has by now received them I can safely show them here.


I loved doing the photochallenge, however I think in the future, maybe a less ambitious approach to these kinds of things is better…with say a months run time and not a year…

If you have any suggestions as to challenges that might be fun for 2017, please let me know in the comments.

Have a great Day,

xoxo Monique


Weeklyphotochallenge 2016, nr 9 and 10

So for the #weeklyphotochallenge2016 in the Lady falcon Traveler’s Notebook group I took a few pictures. Last week i was way too late and only posted the pictures on Sunday.  This week, I was caught off guard, with Wednesday coming so soon after Sunday…but here they are, my pictures for the #weeklyphotochallenge2016nr10, One word.

Now with last weeks notebooks in the wild, I was a bit confused about how to make that happen. Especially since the natural habitat of a notebook is often limited to, in house, or  on the move. Mostly on a table in a purse or on a lap. Since they are made for writing, or drawing, or planning, or…well you catch my drift. Anyway, this weeks challenge, One Word is more to my liking! When I got to thinking what my word was going to be, one word kept popping into my mind. Come to think of it, this word has been significant to me throughout my life. Some say, it’s because my star sign is a twin and my Chinese year is the Snake. Since I don’t believe all that stuff, I just go with the flow and figure it’s just who I am.


My word is not a big word, or an eloquent one. My One Word is CHANGE, the most important thing in my life and my habit tracker is a big part of my attempts to change things this year.


Continue reading

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#Weeklyphotchallenge2016, nr 6, 7 and 8

Got a little behind with writing blogposts about the #weeklyphotochallenge2016… Somehow life has a way of getting is the way, but I’m just going to pick up where I left off and post the previous photo’s here anyway, plus this weeks photo’s nr 8, #Bookmarks.

Before I proceed to the Bookmarks, I’ll post the 2 previous challenge prompts, #weeklyphotochallenge2016nr6 #Fearless Traveler, I was going to do something awesome, but then life got in the way and I wound up posting a few pics of when I was a Fearless Traveler, backpacking with my best friend through Italy and Greece for 30 days…quite a challenging holiday, but we came home with so many stories to tell =)12885890_981720548585279_3964870049004531818_o

Of course I wound up sticking one of the photo’s in my planner =)

Last week #weeklyphotochallenge2016nr7 was a #Shelfie, now I have plenty of shelves, so that was easy…


Snuck in some inks there as well and have since gotten one extra bottle of the waterman ink, a lovely turquoise…

So for this week, we are talking bookmarks. Bookmarks come in all shapes and sizes, but I’ll just stick to the ones I like to use most. You can see them poking out here on the side.


I have them staggered though-out the booklets, so they don’t all sit next to each other and in 1 booklet I have 2. Continue reading

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#WeeklyPhotoChallenge2016nr5, Planners and Pets

Now I don’t know about you, but when I get out my planning gear and settle into my little corner, I feel the best thing is when one of our cats comes and joins me in the planning fun.


This morning and right in time for the Weekly photo challenge in the Lady Falcon Traveler’s Notebook group, our little godess of youth, Idunn, joined me for the fun. Continue reading

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#Weeklyphotochallenge2016nr4, Notebook & Beverage

This weeks #weeklyphotochallenge2016, Notebook & Beverage,  should be right up my alley, since I do like making shots of my Notebooks and I love my beverages…specially my coffee. Being Dutch, coffee is a thing that is the pride of every home, at least that is how I remember it from when I was young. Besides, … making coffee in those days really was a thing.


You’d have to measure the correct amount of coffee and add just the right amount of water…, but, as it is with any beverage, people get used to a certain taste, so the only right coffee is the home made coffee you’d drink every day, with a certain blend and a certain strength… Continue reading

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Photo a week challenge #3…Well Worn

This weeks #weeklyphotochallenge is prompt #3 from the list…Well worn.  For this I have chosen my almost oldest Traveler…which was from before I threaded the edges with a sealer and just used Bees wax to polish the edges. It has this very deep dark brown color and it makes me happy to look at and hold. The cover is treated with both Bees wax and oil and this gives it this lovely sheen.


However, before I elaborate on this here Traveler, I’ll post the challenge prompts again, so they are easy to find.


and show you a sneak peek of this weeks winner in the Lady Falcon group for #weeklyphotochallenge2016nr2, Notebook essentials. Continue reading

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Lady Falcon TN photo a week challenge, Notebook essentials

Last week we had the first of 45 weeks of photo prompts for our challenge and we saw some pretty amazing planner stacks. As promised we will select the one with the most likes every week to be hosted as the weekly Group header photo.

This week it was easy to pick out one from the entered photo’s in the group, but as the year progresses, it may become harder and harder with just the one tag for the challenge, therefore I think maybe a special tag per week may be needed to find the correct weekly photo. So next to the #weeklyphotochallenge2016 and #weeklyphotochallenge we need a numbered one to discern the weeks. Since the prompts are numbered we’ll call it #weeklyphotochallenge2016nr1 and with this being number 2 this weeks will be #weeklyphotochallenge2016nr2.

This weeks photo challenge  favorite was made by Anjes, with a pretty awesome planner pile all of her own.


This weeks challenge is about Notebook Essentials, so I gathered a few of my favorite things. Continue reading