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Just a quick WOYWW blogpost before I head over to work, showing you what was on my workdesk last night. Since joining the NaNoWriMo fun, I’ve been almost completely in book making mode, so of course yesterday I made another set of booklets. This time as a present for a friend of mine that was so kind as to read my raw draft and tell me if I am at all any good.

And when I say raw draft, I mean RAW, because there has been no editing going on and the manuscript is riddled with spelling mistakes and there are no annotations to mark the spoken lines, because those stop the flow of words rattling out of my fingers.
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I think I skipped a few WOYWW‘s, I just haven’t been able to keep up with all that’s going on. Things are just not going to plan, as so often in life, but I think I’m getting it back together again. I just need to take it really slow and let go of the pressure.

So today I thought I would show you what my workdesk looks like when I’m like this…

You wouldn’t believe the mess I make…I’ve got too much on my mind and it shows.
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I wasn’t going to write a WOYWW post today, because I have so much stuff to do. I figured it wouldn’t be responsible of me to write a post and then not find the time to go and comment on the other workdesks out there … and there are a lot ….

But you know what, I’m fed up with having to do the things I have to do and to proove it, I’ll show you what was on my workdesk just a few minutes ago…

See it’s a complete mess.

I started cleaning it up, because that’s what I was supposed to do, among other things. Right, but in stead I found myself making these little cuties… MiniDori’s =) and I couldn’t stop myself, I made booklets for the inside, decorated them. made a folder etc. I had soooo much fun!

Here are some close-ups of the MiniDori’s =)
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Wednesday again Time for yet another WOYWW and I have finally found my way back into my art journal. Since I now made a new realy cool one and I won’t allow myself to work in that one until I, at least, finish working in this art journal.

I have way to many things going on at once and I do feel it is distracting… too much to try out.

I realy need to stay on top of things and make myself more organized. So I bought an agenda a while back, as I showed you last week.

I’ve been good an I have been using it, but all I seem to do is make lists. Which is good, don’t get me wrong, but I also nee to do some sort of time management thingy.

That’s why I started looking at chronodex and spiraldex as a system.
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I wasn’t going to write a post today, because there’s not much going on realy. I’ve been taking a break from crafting and blogreading etc. Trying to prepare myself for going back to work next month. Trying to get into the right mindset.

I have been doing some painting, but somehow not in my art journal. Just on some old 12″-12″ scrapbook papers that I didn’t like.

On my desk you can see one of those art journal paintings. I do consider them art journal pages, because I do journal on them. That is, I dump the contents of my brain into my arm and out through my fingers onto the paper. I don’t stop to think and just let it all out. The same way I write in my day book.
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