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How to make bookmarks

For the past 4 years I’ve been using my leather tipped bookmarks in my Traveler’s notebook inserts. Many people have asked me if I would make and sell them for the shop.


Unfortunately I have not yet found a way to make these with a consistent look yet. I make them entirely by hand, which makes these slightly different each time. I think that is fine and even part of the fun for my personal use, but I somehow don’t feel comfortable enough about that to make them for the shop.  Continue reading


My planner last Month, June

So in keeping with what I promised in my last post I have another update on my planner last month. Still a messy planner, but it gets the job done and it makes me happy to flip through the pages.

Photo 04-07-2017, 00 19 49.jpg

Starting off with the finished June monthly spread, filled mostly with doodles, because I don’t like empty spaces. Mostly used to keep track of birthdays and as a quick overview for appointments. Continue reading

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My planner last Month

I have this list with things I want to blog about, but really not a lot of time to write lengthy blogs. Running a small business can be quite time consuming and your work is really never done. Working 10-12 hour days every day with all the worries that go with owning a small business, which is really a story for a blogpost all on it’s own, writing a blogpost is not something that has the highest priority.

However I decided that a post doesn’t have to be a 1000 words. A few words and a few pics can make a nice post as well. So that’s what I’m going to try.

In my Facebook group I post something every day. I have figured out that having a # hashtag with a subject in it, works for me to keep me on track and help me with the content for the posts.

On Monday’s I make posts with #MyPlannerMonday, which is basically just a post with my last week and my next week views. Nothing fancy, just my messy planner pages. With once a month my monthly pages.

Photo 06-06-2017, 00 20 29.jpg

Somehow I feel that alone would not make for a great blogpost, but I’m not sure. What do you think? Continue reading

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Pinks are back…

but, first I would like to let you all know that we added some extra options to earn points with the Lady Falcon Rewards Program. You can now also earn points by following us on Instagram and by sharing via Facebook.

Lady Falcon Rewards (1).png

We also added a punch card system, where you get points for every 5 purchases you make. You can find all these in the Lady Falcon Rewards pop-up. You can find several other ways to earn points and you can redeem your points here.

In addition to this we’re working on a VIP system with rewards for our top customers, but I can’t say too much about that yet, because we’re still working out the details for that.

Back to the Pinks…. there’s good news on the pink front. We managed to source some extra pink dye and the day we found that, one of our suppliers emailed us to let us know they received the Pink dye back in stock.

So today we’ve been making all pinks … here are a few waiting in the rack… yes, before you ask, those are little white socks, because, well, the pinks are special.

Photo 02-06-2017, 11 15 56.jpg

The next pic shows what was on the table yesterday and finished today.

Photo 01-06-2017, 13 13 36.jpg

Now it’s time to do a little chillin’ and enjoy the upcoming Pentacost weekend…. although we will be working all weekend to get all those pinks out the door =)
Do you have anything special planned for the weekend? Let me know in the comments =)

xoxo Monique

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All the pretty Notebooks

During last month’s workshop I made an A5 notebook cover, which I’m now using as my work planner. Yesterday we had another workshop and since I prefer to show, not tell, what the steps are to make a Notebook cover, I made another notebook.

This time I decided to go for a size I didn’t have yet, A B6 Slim. So now I have all the sizes, A5 and smaller, except B6 ISO.

Lady Falcon Travelers notebooks Almost all sizes

The notebooks I have lined up here, are not all notebooks I have…

And not all of them in this line-up are in use at the moment. The notebook in the pic below is is the B6 Slim in Mahogany from yesterday’s workshop.

Lady Falcon Travelers Notebooks, Regular size, B6 Slim and A5

I do tend to keep the notebooks I make during workshops. Since I’m mostly focused on what’s going on around me, talking a lot, keeping my eyes on what the participants are doing and whether I should aid in any way and not so much thinking about the notebook I’m making.  Continue reading

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January 2016 setup update…

Just a quick post with a video of my updated Traveler’s Notebook Planner setup for January 2016.

I also made some adjustments to the insert listings on Etsy and added a range of lovely designer covers to choose from for you notebook covers or folders.


I hope I made the ordering process easier, by removing the separate listings for each size and style and have condensed the insert listings to:

  • MOTP-WOTP combo insert, with either a listing for a design cover or a listing for a plain card-stock
  • WOTP or MOTP insert, with either a listing for a design cover or a listing for a plain card-stock
  • Bullet journal insert, with either a listing for a design cover or a listing for a plain card-stock
  • Notes Insert, plain/grid/lined/dot-grid/cross-grid, with either a listing for a design cover or a listing for a plain card-stock

I now also have the folders with either a listing for a design cover or a listing for a plain card-stock, with or without pen-loops.

All the diary styles are shown here on my Diaries explained page and you can also find the color options for the diaries there. Continue reading

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Setting up a new shop interface ain’t easy…

Well, that is, it’s easy enough if you go with all the defaults, but to make it your own and have all the bells and whistles you saw in other shops, that you really thought were awesome….That ain’t easy… However being a former IT admin, I do know a bit about these things.

I’ve build a website before and dabbled with html and style sheets and stuff, had several blogs and know a little bit of scripting, so I should be fine…

slides quotes large-1

However it looks like it’s going to be a lengthy process. I’m doing it all next to the up and running Etsy store, which is going great, which in turn means there not all too much time to spend on things like setting up my own store front… Continue reading