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Free Printable insert templates

I make many inserts for traveler’s notebooks, both as printables and as printed versions via my shop, however I also like  to share some of the files I make for Travelers Notebooks here. These files are free to download and use. They are for personal use only:

Free printable templates for Midori style Traveler’s Notebook inserts

The files are in a BOX folder and will be updated regularly, so be sure to check back on occasion. If you want to learn more about which styles of diaries I have available, you can check here.

You can also find me via my Facebook group Lady Falcon Traveler’s Notebooks.

A5, Large moleskine Cahier or Regular size MTN:
Print on A4 paper, double sided, booklet left binding or flip on the short side.
With the PDF files and the Publisher files, there’s no need to select booklet mode, just flip on the short side.
Bind the pages with a pamphlet stitch (or staples) and cut to size.

Fieldnotes Size TN Passport Sized TN::
Print on A5 paper, double sided, booklet left binding or flip on the short side.
With the PDF files and the Publisher files, you print on A4 paper and there’s no need to select booklet mode, just flip on the long side.
These will give you 2 booklets per print. Cut to size after printing.
Bind the pages with a pamphlet stich (or staples) and cut to size.
Here’s a video showing how to make those:

Tip: You can make your own A5 paper by cutting an A4 sheet in half widthwise.

The templates are made for cahier style inserts, but can be adapted to be used in ring-binder type diaries, just give me a shout-out and I’ll see if I can adapt them for you. A few have already been adapted. As for which size cahier goes into which size Traveler’s Notebook, you may want to check with your Traveler’s Notebook maker, since sizes and naming tend to differ. I have charts below stating what the sizes are I use for making my Traveler’s Notebooks and what the inserts sizes are and what they compare with.

Sizes for reference:
A5 Size Leather Cover: open 218-335 mm
Insert 210-148 mm

Large Moleskine Cahier (LMC) Leather Cover: open 218 – 295 mm
Insert: 210-130 mm

XL Regular size (XL RS) Leather Cover: open 218-275 mm
Insert: 210-110 mm

Regular size (RS) Leather Cover: open 218-255 mm
Insert: 210-110 mm

Personal Size Leather Cover: open 180-225 mm
Insert: 171-95 mm

A6 Size Leather Cover: open 158-245 mm
Insert: 148-105 mm

Fieldnotes/Moleskine pocket size (FN) Leather Cover: open 150-210 mm
Insert: 140-90 mm

XL Passport size (PP) Leather Cover: open 132-225 mm
Insert: 124-89 mm

Passport size (PP) Leather Cover: open 132-200 mm
Insert: 124-89 mm

Note: above sizes of Leather Covers are the size of the leather, before painting or dyeing, beveling and polishing the edges. Sizes of finished covers may vary slightly from these.

Converted to Inches:


And a visual reference (klik on the image for a bigger version)



As a bonus I also offer a few Ring binder/ Filofax inserts in the free download folder. For 2016 I have a WOTP personal size set available in the vintage style and in the colors Oxblood/Navy/Green and Purple.

Fun Fact:

Ring binders were invented in 1886 by Friedrich Soennecken Bonn, Germany. Many adaptations to the system followed and there are many standards for ring bound systems around the world.

FiloFax is by no means the standard nor the first to use rings, but since many people use these binders I will on occasion and by request provide files that fit those. If you have another system or need other sizes please send me a message and we can work something out.


Should you have any questions, remarks, find mistakes, broken links or have requests for a certain setup, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or send me an email.

I wish you a lot of fun making your own inserts for your version of Travelers Notebook.

xx Monique