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Traveler’s Notebook Diary template styles

Morgan Le Fae’s Trinkets offers several different diary styles, both as digital download and as printed and bound inserts.


To make the process of choosing a diary to fit your needs and style I will try and explain how I have set it all up for you.

  • All Printable Diaries in the Etsy shop are color coded. The color coding refers to the size of the insert, not to the type of diary.
  • All diaries and other types of inserts are in separate categories, for instance the Week on Two Pages diaries (WOTP) are in the printable weekly category.
  • Printed diaries and other inserts are in a separate category altogether (Morgan Le Fae`s Trinkets, Falcon Files )
  • Within the categories there are several different styles for diaries, with sometimes different color options for the printed versions.

color coding

The diary categories are:

  • Printable Daily
  • Printable Weekly: Week On Two Pages (WOTP)
  • Printable Monthly: Month On Two Pages (MOTP)
  • Printable MOTP-WOTP: MOTP-WOTP combination, with the monthly view before the weekly view with the first Thursday of the new month.

Other divisions of you monthly and weekly set-ups are possible, just let me know and we can work something out. Daily diaries and journals are listed, with and without time tracking. More about those once I update them to 2016.

The main styles for diaries are:

  • Classic Style (with 2 color options)
  • Vintage Style (with different color options)
  • Modern style
  • Grunge Style (with different color options)

The printed versions all come in either white or ivory paper. Other paper colors are possible, but are a custom request.

Classic: Traditional diary style, very classy and to the point. Lots of room for appointments and some extra weekly notes. This style is available as a free-bee from the free downloads folder you find on the free printable inserts page. The printed version can be ordered through the shop (as are all insert from the free download folder). They are available in a black and brown version, see below (Classic Black, Classic Brown).

classic wotp-motp

Vintage: Here Oxblood, other colors are available upon request, see below (Brown-Brown, Brown-Plain, Brown-Grey, Green-Green, Classic Black, Classic Brown, Oxblood-Grey, Navy-Grey, Green-Grey). Decorative diary style with room for both notes and appointments. There is a lay-out for this diary with the week days to one side and a whole page box to the other side for notes, as a crossover to the modern style diary you see below. I have a Personal size Ring-binder/FiloFax version available for 2016 in the Free download folder. Color options include Oxblood, Navy, Green, Purple.  Color choice includes: grid, text and boxes in any combination you would like.

vintage wotp-motp

Modern: very muted basic diary style, with lots of room to write and make notes. Decorate to your hearts content, or leave it plain and business like.

modern wotp-motp

Grunge: Here lilac, other colors are available upon request, see below (Teal, Lilac and Pink). Color choice includes: grid, text and boxes. A fun and play-full style, yet still has lots of room to write and make notes and appointments.

grunge wotp-motp

The colors you can choose from are in the example images, however other colors are possible, please let me know if you have a different color combination in mind!

As for covers you can choose from either a custom design cover or a plain card stock one, below are the color options available.


For the design cover, you can choose a design and color for the outside of the paper and another for the inside of the paper. The cardstock colors are numbered, to avoid confusion with similar colors. Both also come as folders, with or without pen-loops.

cardstock colors numbers

There are more lay-out options within each diary style, but Since I intend this page to grow over time with things taking shape, I will add those options at a later date, so be sure to check back every now and again, there may be new information on this page.

xoxo Monique


Here are a few of the new listings for printed inserts. Choose your size, your style, your colorway and your cover design, Morgan Le Fae`s Trinkets, Falcon Files